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​A guide to alternative healing (and related stuff) in the North End of Maricopa County . Also cooking.

Would you like to be listed, or know of a resource we should check out?
                     This is a free listing for both readers and practitioners. The subject matter is not limited to the healing arts. Almost anything that would be considered NewAge/metaphysical in nature is welcome. Just about the only things I wouldn't want to add to the guide are things related to politics or (organized) religion. If you have questions, feel free to email and ask! 

Alternative Healing 
Anthem - New River- Tramonto


Anthem Acupuncture

Inside OSR Physical Therapy

41125 Daisy Mountain Road

Anthem, AZ 85086

Chinese Health Center, Inc.
42104 N. Venture Drive, Suite D105
Anthem, AZ 85086
Phone: 623-551-3773
Fax: 623-551-8912

Scalp Acupuncture 
Chinese Herbal Medicine 
Chinese Periocular Acupuncture 
Moxibustion and Cupping

Arizona Healing Alternatives, LLC

Heather Wen
Energy Medicine Total Body Modification Clinical Hypnosis, & Metaphysical/Spiritual Practitioner. Retired Registered Nurse & Nationally Certified Nurse Practitioner

4122 W Innovative Dr. #101
Anthem, AZ 85086(623) 680-3399

Partnership in Planetary Healing

The specialists at Partnership In Planetary Healing are here to help with your alternative medicine needs in Phoenix. This clinic is the go-to place in the area for professional alternative services like homeopathy. Work on overcoming your illness or injury with an acupuncture service from this clinic. 
42516 North 10th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85086 

Joyful Stones

Fay Kelley • Crystal Energy for You and Your Animal Companions • Phoenix


My mission is three-fold: Anchor, Offer, and Empower
The first is true of all Lightworkers. Anchoring Light for the Earth and our Universe means that I, as much as possible, remember who I am, where I came from, and why I am here. This practice includes staying grounded in the Earth, and at the same time, staying connected to Source, offering spiritual assistance, whether through healing, prayer or support to those who seek it; and, empowering others to find their own healing abilities and spiritual powers.


(602) 404-0400

34975 North North Valley Parkway,
Building 6, # 138 Phoenix, AZ 85086

7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday to Friday

At the EuroMed Foundation, we specialize in the treatment of cancer utilizing the best of conventional and alternative therapies from around the world. Our passion for finding effective cancer treatment alternatives has led us to incorporate healing practices from Europe, the United States, Mexico, Japan, and even ancient cultures at our Arizona cancer center.

Dr. Jennifer Gentry - Naturopathic Medicine

42104 N Venture Drive, Suite C-122
Anthem AZ 85086

Office: (623) 251-5518
Fax: (623) 249-4748

Simply in Demand Chiropractic
34406 N 27th Dr #124
Phoenix, AZ 85085

also Acupunture and Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation

--Reiki --

Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center
Located in beautiful New River, AZ
623 - 465 - 5875
Classes, events and other things. Too much to list here! Visit the website.

On the Mark Reiki

28809 N 23rd Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85085 (602) 332-4194

Mark is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher


What is PEMF?

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is similar to charging a battery, which is each and every one of your cells. PEMF stimulates atoms, increases electronic spin, aligns molecules, and generates very small microcurrents that tend to run along nerve pathways. This leads to an increase in intercellular communication and metabolic processes in part due to increased circulation, oxygenation, alkalization, ATP production (the form of energy used by cells to perform work such as running enzymes), and optimized cell membrane potential. As a result, cells regenerate, oxidative stress and inflammation is reduced, immune responses are more robust, the feelgood endorphins are boosted, depleted adrenal and other endocrine gland functions are restored.


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